The fight to save a strange and beautiful world will bring a boy from the streets of London to a land of legend in an epic, two-part Syfy event!

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Knights of Bloodsteel

Four people undertake a quest for a rare, magical substance that may save their homeland from a supernatural evil. When good battles evil, who wins? Tell us what you think here, in the forum.

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Where Can I find it? - last post by 2borno2b

Dark Kingdom: The Dragon King

In Dark Kingdom: The Dragon King, one hero is all that stands between a kingdom and a curse ó but nothing stands between you and its forum. Join the discussion now!

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Welcome to the official discussion forum for the Syfy Original miniseries Earthsea.

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Frank Herbertís Dune

You don't have to fold space to find a place to discuss Syfy's epic miniseries adaptation of Frank Herbert's timeless classic of priceless spice, giant worms and unshakeable faith.

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1984 vs 2000 version - last post by CK78

Frank Herbert's Children of Dune

Debate which noble house deserves to rule Arrakis after the imperium is conquered by the Children of Dune.

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Garth Marenghi's Darkplace

Come on in, pull up a bad hairdo, and join the discussion about this pseudo-classic British sci-fi comedy series.

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Kingdom Hospital

Sick of the same old medical dramas? Then check in to Kingdom Hospital and talk about your prognosis for its characters.

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The Triangle

Come in and discuss the Syfy Original miniseries The Triangle and everything related to the Bermuda Triangle mystery.

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The Lost Room

Normal-looking objects are anything but ordinary. Some are deadly, some are bizarre ... and all are part of the mystery of The Lost Room.

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