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Thoughts on Beastmaster

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#21 sharmawannabe



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Posted 24 April 2010 - 03:38 PM

I really enjoyed Beastmaster as well. When it originally aired all those years ago, I used to watch it with my little brother and sister every weekend when we had the chance. Just recently I got a hold of all 66 episodes, and over the past few weeks I watched the entire show start to finish for the first time.

Although I could never say it's the best tv series I've seen, it's strangely far more addicting for me than any other show. Especially the first two seasons. It has all those fun depictions and representations of common myths and stories thrown in, and every episode seems to have at least one or two really good lines that makes you think about humans and animals and our places in nature. And I thought all the conversations between the Ancient One and the Sorceress in season one were really interesting.

When I watched the last episode though, I didn't really understand the ending. Does anyone know or have a guess about what they were trying to do there? I got the idea that Dar was leaving the world and all the people he had fought to help to go to some sort of celestial palace with his newly-reunited family. He said he knew he could do it because he knew everything would be safe with Tao and Arina. But then Dartanus said something along the lines of "and your real destiny is just beginning." I was completely lost.

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Posted 15 August 2011 - 12:26 PM

hey man, i love you. sinbad the sailor was a legend too.. i love it. beastmaster, xena and hercules are have a common theme... up to this day, i am still watching sinbad the sailor :-)))

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