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Posted 05 July 2008 - 08:52 AM

We just wanted to let you know that has chosen Independence Day as our day to go live to the general public. For those of you in the know, is all about making our voices heard and doing anything and everything we can to change the antiquated Nielson Ratings System. Co-partnered with our sister site,, we hope to bring about change as to how the industry goes about determining what shows make it, and what shows don't. So, do you have a favorite show that was cancelled? Do you feel your voice is one of thousands, nay millions, that have not been heard? Not counted? Well then join us and be counted! Together, we can make a difference. Partnering with many fandoms such as Moonlight, Jericho, the 4400, Veronica Mars, and Dirt, just to name a few, our voices will carry and we will be heard. Today, Independence Day, we declare our independence from a system that fails to account for changing mediums, such as TiVo and DVRs, for a population that has far exceeded its initial scope of measuring, for a viewing audience who's opinions and tastes in entertainment have changed much since that of our parents, even grandparents. We demand change. A ratings revolution is about to take place and we want you to join with us and together we can make positive changes. So check us out at Let us know how you feel about the Nielson Ratings System. Tell us about how its influenced your TV viewing. We want to hear from you. We want your voice to count. We're drop on by for a visit!

(FYI, the site is active, but content is being added daily. If you do not see your show identified, please contact one of the Site Admins and they will be only too happy to add your show to the list. Also, any suggestions or comments will always be welcome.)
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Posted 19 September 2013 - 12:18 PM

so you are saying  the Nielsen ratings is who decides what programs you will show? well that just isn't right. WE don't have a voice? this is the SYFY channel ,this is a channel that should only have paranormal shows. I don't want to see shows about the weather I don't want to see William Shatner, Joe Rogan. I want to see proof of life after dead, shows about aliens, BIG FOOT. I want to see Deep South Paranormal, Ghost Hunters International and all the paranormal show's that are on SYFY right now. when will our opinion count?  people that watch SYFY and buy the products that are advertised on SYFY WHEN WILL WE COUNT? 

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