Arthur finds out about Merlin's magic

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Posted 22 November 2011 - 02:12 AM

If anyone actually reads this its not a spoiler for the show.....Its actually my fan fiction. I don't know how they plan on revealing Merlin's magic to Arthur if and when they do, but I got bored one day and decided to write my own version...its not a complete story line, just a couple scenes...nor am I finished with it, I keep changing little bits and have more story to write....but I am curious to see if anyone likes it.....or even reads it all. Anyway the setup is that Arthur hears there is a sorceress in the kingdom and he and Merlin set off into the forest to find her because Arthur wants to "bring her to justice"....they are traveling through the woods and stop for the night. Arthur falls asleep and has a dream. My fanfiction starts with the begining of his dream. I hope anyone reading this likes it. Please tell me what you think at the end....whether you like it or not....and like I said, its not finished yet. For all the back and fourth dialogue lines I put a letter in front for whoever says them just in case....A for Arthur, M for Merlin, and S for Sorceress

Arthur spins in the smog, his sword drawn. "Who's there?" he calls. "Where am I?"

"We are nowhere," a disembodied female voice replies.

A-"Who is that? What do you mean? How can we be nowhere?"

S-"So many questions, but not the questions I have come to answer."

A-"Why have you brought me here?"

S-"You brought yourself here."

A-"Where is this place?"

S-"Here is nowhere on a map. Here is in your mind. A place we can talk privately. When this conversation is over you will awaken exactly as you were, but for the moment you are here with me."

A-"You are saying this is some kind of vision? This is not real?"

S-"It is very real. It is simply happening inside your mind."

A-"You said I brought myself here. How is that possible."

S-"You traveled a great distance in search of a sorceress. You sought to put an end to her enchantments, to continue your fathers work and rid the land of all magic. Well you have reached your destination and found your sorceress," a woman finally emerges from the darkness so Arthur can see her clearly for the first time, "but I assure you, silencing my magic will not be a simple task."

A-"Is that a threat?"

S-"Never my young king. Simply a warning."

A-"Have you brought me here to kill me?"

S-"Why would I seek to kill you?

A-"You are an enchantress."

S-"And you assume that makes me your enemy?"

A-"Magic is evil and dangerous."

S-"Magic is not the dark force your father portrayed it to be. Magic is a tool, no different than the sword you hold in your hands. A sword in the hands of a just man can help bring peace, justice, and safety. That same sword in the hands of a wicked man can bring chaos, destruction, and death. It is not the magic itself that brings corruption, but rather the intentions of the individual using it."

A-"I have seen the dangers magic brings."

S-"Yes, but have you seen the good? Are you aware of the benefits you have received through magic? Do you know of the many times magic has been used to ensure both your safekeeping and the safekeeping of Camelot? Do you know of the friends who protect you in secret for fear you would have them executed in exchange for saving your life?"

A-"What are you talking about?"

S-"I am talking about the one in your inner circle who possesses the gift of magic, and those who know of the magician and do not expose his talents. They protect him because they know he would never misuse his gifts to bring harm to anyone."

A-"Who is the sorcerer you speak of?"

"S-What would you do with his name? Seek him out and kill him like you father has done to so many of his kind? If only you knew how many times he has saved your life."

A-"If this man is such a hero, why does he not come forward and take credit for his deeds? Why does he perform his magic behind my back if not to hide his true purpose?"

S-"If he were to reveal himself to you would you continue to trust him? Would you keep him at your side in dangerous times? He has kept quiet so as to remain close enough to protect you. He takes no credit for the good he has done so as to remain close enough to do more good."

A-"Why? Why would he seek to protect a man who would have him killed? Why take such risks?"

S-"Because he believes as many of us do. He believes you are a better man than your father. He trusts that one day you will come to understand that magic is not the evil you now believe it to be. One day magic will be restored to this kingdom, and on that day he believes you will come to accept him as he is. He believes in the kingdom you will build and the king you are destined to become. He risks his life because he believes you are worth it, and I assure you, if saving your life required him to reveal his gifts to you he would do so without hesitation, because you, and the future you will bring is more important than preserving his secret."

A-"Who is it that would do this? You must tell me."

S-"I will not give you his name. You must discover that yourself and in doing so question the beliefs you have held close for so long. Are you ready for those beliefs to change?" As the woman poses that last question she disappears back into the darkness.

A-"Wait! You cannot leave me without answers!"

S-"You must seek out the answers on your own. Only then will they have meaning."


Arthur starts awake on the forest floor. He jumps to his feet, his sword at the ready.

"Arthur!" Merlin shouts. "Arthur are you all right?"

A-"Merlin what happened?"

M-"What do you mean, what happened? You were sleeping and all of a sudden you jump to your feet.....Did you have a bad dream?"

A-"Shut up Merlin!"

M-"Really Arthur, what's wrong?"

Arthur takes a moment to compose himself and consider an answer. "I had a vision of the sorceress we seek."

M-"What did she say?"

A-"Something troubling. It will take me all night to sort it out in my head. And then decide if we will continue on or head back to Camelot at first light."

M-"Head home? Why?"

A-"That is what I must figure out." Arthur sees the fire starting to dwindle. "Go fetch some more wood to keep this fire burning." He sits beside the fire, his gaze a million miles away.

Merlin stares at Arthur for a moment. "Are you sure you are all right?"

"Not at all Merlin..."Merlin turns to the forest and heads off to gather more wood. Arthur doesn't lift his eyes off the flames, lost in his own thoughts. He doesn't hear Merlin return until a stack of branches falls to the ground beside the fire. Arthur is jolted out of the playback of the conversation with the sorceress that had been running through his head. Merlin sits on the ground a few feet away from Arthur and his gaze shifts back and forth between his king and the flames.

M-"Do you want to talk about it? Whatever it is that has you so worried?"

"It's something the sorceress told me..." Arthur starts off slowly, "She said....she said someone close to me has been using magic."

"Really?" Merlin inquires after the briefest of pauses.

A-"Yes, she would not give me the name of the magician, she tried to tell me this man was not a threat. That he has harnessed magic to use for the good of Camelot and that he is a great ally."

M-"Do you believe her?"

A-"That there is a sorcerer among our ranks? I fear it. As to whether this unnamed sorcerer can be trusted as she says he can...I don't know. Whoever he is has hidden his true nature from me and in doing so has managed to infiltrate my inner circle. He must be skilled at deception to accomplish such a feat and therefore must be dealt with using extreme caution. I must determine who this man is in order to discover his true intentions."

M-"If you find this sorcerer, what will you do with him?"

A-"I truly do not know. I have been raised to believe all magic is dangerous, and thus is outlawed, how can I reconcile those beliefs with the knowledge that my men are all trustworthy. I find it hard to believe that men like Gwaine, Leon, Elyan, Percival, or any of my inner circle could be guilty of such a betrayal. I have placed my life in their hands on multiple occasions. If they wanted to harm me, each would have had many opportunities and yet none has ever made any attempt on my life, but using magic....."

M-"Maybe this is simply a ploy by this woman to plant doubt in your mind. Make you think you can't trust your men."

A-"I have considered that, but is that a risk I can take? To ignore this woman's revelation and dismiss it so quickly? Allow the sorcerer more opportunities to undermine me and this kingdom? If it is true.....I must know."

M-"Well if the sorceress was telling the truth about someone close to you using magic, why would she then turn to lying about this persons true intentions? Perhaps there really is someone who wishes nothing but to help you and uses his gifts to do just that."

A-"I don't know Merlin. She has left me with more questions than I have answers for. And the most troubling part of it all is that the sorceress told me there were others close to me aware of this magician who have not come forward. They have conspired to keep this from me. How many of my men have lied? Have hidden evidence? Have helped this man despite the fact that it is illegal?"

M-"Do you trust your men? Those who have stood by your side time and again? Do you really believe any of them would really wish to harm you? Trust your heart Arthur, even if someone close to you is using magic I don't believe they do so with a dark ulterior motive."

A-"If this person has been lying to me all this time how can I trust that all his good deeds were not lies as well?"

M-"What would you do to him if he was here right now? Would you follow in your fathers footsteps and have him executed immediately? Perhaps this person has wanted to confess to you but was afraid you would turn on him. Was worried that you wouldn't understand that he was only trying to help in the only way he knew how. If this person came forward and told you the truth, told you they had been using magic, and told you they were doing so to protect you, gave you his word that he has never used his gifts for the purpose of harming Camelot, would that make a difference?"

A-"I think it would make a difference if he came forward willingly, yes...make a gesture of good faith. Prove that he hides for self-preservation rather than a dark purpose. Now that I am aware a sorcerer exists, why force an inquisition on those who might be innocent? Force me to discover his identity the hard way. What good would that do if he truly has done nothing wrong? Perhaps I will give him that chance. When we return to Camelot I will call a meeting with my most trusted men and ask that the sorcerer come forward, ask for any information anyone might have to volunteer. Show leniency if the magician does reveal himself without a fight."

M-"Show leniency how? Throw him in prison rather than chop off his head or burn him at the stake? Self-preservation is a strong instinct. It might be more difficult for this man to offer his own name when so many examples have been set that instruct him to remain silent."

A-"The sorceress said that this man would reveal himself without hesitation if it was for the good of Camelot. She said this man believed that I would bring a time when magic is accepted once more in this land and that to be accepted for who he is is all this sorcerer wants. While I admit that everything I was taught tells me magic is dangerous and I should avoid it, I cannot dismiss the loyalty my men have shown me. I will give him the opportunity to explain his actions. Try to see his purpose. Try to be objective, before I decide how to proceed with the situation. I can make no promises on the outcome however. There are two many unknown factors. Not the least of which is the actual identity of this sorcerer."

M-"You would look at the same deeds differently if done by different men?"

A-"Some deeds are more easily understood coming from one man than from another."

M-"Is it easier to understand one of your men in particular doing magic than it is any other? Would you understand magic more, say from Sir Leon than from Sir Percival?"

A-"That is a difficult question to answer."

M-"Would you understand it coming from me?"

A-"Ha Ha! You do know how to lighten a conversation, Merlin! As if you could be the sorcerer...the only thing you are is an idiot."

Merlin simply stares at Arthur, not joining in his laughter. Arthur looks at Merlin with a smile still on his face, but seeing the completely serious expression on Merlin's face his smile slowly fades. His expression turns from confusion, to comprehension, and then to shock. Arthur slowly rises to his feet without tearing his gaze from Merlin. "It's not can't be." He takes a small step backwards, away from Merlin.

Merlin rises as well. "Arthur, you know me. You know in your heart I would never do anything to harm Camelot. You must try to understand..."

"All this time? All these years?" Arthur stammers still trying to wrap his head around this impossibility.

So thats all I have written so far....but I will continue working on it and if anyone wants I will post more as I write. PLEASE! tell me what you think!!

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Posted 09 December 2011 - 10:43 AM

This is interesting... It shows the growing difficulty Merlin faces when/if he finally reveals he has Magic to Arthur. But, it might be more effective to have, instead of a nameless Sorceress, to have Morgana or better a Sorcerer like "Old" Merlin--- Dragoon the Great--- and then have young Merlin discuss Magic with Arthur. I like doing the same sort of things and seeing how/if it will play out somewhere... I practically nailed the T'Pol/Trip relationship in ST:Enterprise and developed later in the books... And, I can imagine Merlin explaining to Arthur that Magic is neither good nor evil much as Gaius explained to Merlin in the first episode.

So, at the end of your scene:

POV: Merlin. Arthur with his sword drawn, staring menacingly. The realization brings him to one conclusion:

A: Liar!

M: Arthur, I know that you suffered at the hands of those with Magic. I know what you have been taught. But, I believe that in your heart you know that Uther was wrong. Magic is neither good nor evil. Much as people are neither good nor evil. Magic is as people would use it...

A (in a crouch points his sword as if to strike): And all to their own ends!

M: Surely there is a difference between those who use it ... those who would use it for kindness and love and those who use it for evil. Arthur, surely, you have seen that?

A: Enough, Merlin... or whoever you are... I have suffered long enough from those like you, those with magic.

M: Arthur, magic is in all of us. It is at the heart of all that lives. It was here before you or I, and will exist long after we are both gone.

A: Enough!

M: Arthur: I have seen you show mercy as a warrior, I have never known you to strike down another unjustly. All I ask is what those of us, like me, would ask., Sire.

A (in an attack stance): And, what is it that you ask?

M: Acceptance, Milord.

POV: Arthur. .
Scene opens with Merlin from Season 1 Ep 1 Scene: the beginning of the Mace battle. Merlin calls Arthur "Milord." The tone is different, the word is the same, but there's a distinct difference. Young Arthur raises his arm to strike...
Scene opens
POV: Merlin... older Arthur raises his arms and sheaths his weapon.

One thing I would change in your conversation between A and M. Make Merlin more succinct and more "respectful." For instance:

M-"Show leniency how, Sire? Throw him in prison rather than chop off his head or burn him at the stake? Self-preservation is a strong motive for anyone, Arthur. It might be more difficult for this man to offer his own name and rank when so many examples abound that suggest he do otherwise, my Lord."


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Posted 11 December 2011 - 09:33 AM

I can't imagine Merlin using the phrases 'sire' and 'my lord' without heavy sarcasm. He and Arthur get along by insulting each other and Merlin only uses rank terms to imply such or how put upon he is feeling.

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Posted 11 December 2011 - 01:46 PM

I can't imagine Merlin using the phrases 'sire' and 'my lord' without heavy sarcasm. He and Arthur get along by insulting each other and Merlin only uses rank terms to imply such or how put upon he is feeling.

That was true in Series 1 and in Series 2 and to an extent most of Series 3 but, Merlin begins to change in Series 3... if I remember right, they're in either the cut scenes that were part of the Season 3 DVD extras and/or the cut scenes from some of the Merlin scripts floating around... so, it's very likely we'll see Merlin address Arthur as sire, my lord, liege and Arthur without the (same degree? of) sarcasm as their relationship progresses and evolves in the near future from Master/Servant to "almost like a friend" (a scene cut from series 3 ep 13 but in the DVD extras) to a trusted friend and confidante of the Legends and it wouldn't surprise me to see Merlin use rank terms in arguments with his Master, Arthur because they can serve as a very persuasive method of argumentation when a Master/Servant relationship exists and there's a bond or other relationship that exists.

The posted scene where Merlin reveals he has magic seems to fit Series 4 and later. Arthur is driven by duty to king and Camelot. Although he believes in season 1 that there is a difference between those who use Magic for kindness and love and those who use it for evil, by season 3, he's got enough emotional baggage to believe Uthur's dictum: that all magic is evil and "to know the heart of one sorcerer is to know them all". And, while it might pain Arthur to kill Merlin, I doubt he'd spare Merlin had he revealed himself as a sorcerer and Arthur believed it to be so.


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Posted 12 December 2011 - 09:47 AM

I think as Arthur feels the pressures of ruling, he values Merlin's lack of obsequities, of formality, even more, that it's an important part of their relationship. I understand you disagree, its just how we see things.

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