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Official Petition for Mr. Marenghi to pull more films from their dusty shelves

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#1 Furthington



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Posted 14 February 2012 - 05:33 AM

Let us here petition for the generalediting by Mr. Garth Marenghi—author, dream-weaver, visionary, plus actor—of furtherepisodes, of course preferably adding in commentary by himself, Dean Learner,and what other cast members he may be able to track down, and also ask for SyFyto embrace and encourage this noble effort to both preserve and produce newfootage from a classic science fiction series.

Only now, in the worst artisticdrought in science fiction history, may the SyFy Channel come drawling back-cap in hand and suitably ashamed- asking if our humble Garth Marenghi couldonce again retrieve "Darkplace" from his spaciousbasement and let it loose on its unsuspecting public. That's us.

Garth, they should pay you a hero's wage.

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SciFi SyFy: Imagine Greater*

* In the event you experience a lack of imagination causing an inability to imagine it greater, excess alertness and sarcasm in persons over the age of 12 may occur. Known negative side-FX include but are not limited to: dizzying declines in dialogue quality, altered acting status, short or long-term plot loss, sudden onset of stock footage, and easily torn clothing in persons known to suffer from attractiveness. Subsequent hysteria-induced seizures, tender or aching abdominal muscles, cerebral pain, upset sense of time usage, CGS (ComputerGenerated Shock), and mild to severe difficulty performing simple tasks such as eating, drinking, and containing laughter are considered secondary FX but are likely more immediately dangerous. Persons known to possess no or limited imagination and who are additionally diagnosed with an acute sense of dark amusement or other pre-existing humor conditions typically are more likely to experience these symptoms and should avoid SyFy if they lose or have an inability to control their volume level and/or become prone to spontaneous cynical outbursts. Please consult an upper-level WoW player if you or a family member are known to have these conditions prior to navigating to the channel.

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Posted 27 December 2012 - 01:08 AM

Whether it be SyFy or Adult Swim ... this show needs to come back.
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Ron & Fez Noon to 3

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