Very dissapointed in this new direction of the channel.

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Poll: What does SYFY need MORE of? (20 member(s) have cast votes)

To make Syfy great and watchable again it needs to have more...

  1. Intelligently written Scripted shows like Eureka (19 votes [95.00%] - View)

    Percentage of vote: 95.00%

  2. more Inexpensively made "reality" shows staring Urcle. (0 votes [0.00%])

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  3. Who needs something watchable. MORE WRESTLING! (1 votes [5.00%] - View)

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#1 Killian1701



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Posted 14 April 2012 - 03:30 PM

Im VERY dissapointed in the new direction of the SYFY channel. Years past, when it was "SCI FI" we were treated to Good vintage TV series and movies. Even untill Reciently, SYFY featured good shows like Eureka, which it will be killing off this year.

However, Good scripted shows arent being replaced with new ones as they are taken off the air. These really dumb "REaLITY" tv shows are taking their places which really only appeal to the lowest common denominator of tv viewers. Yes, reality tv shows are cheaper to make.. but the SCI FI and SYFY channel tend to have viewership that has higher IQ's than say.. "the monster truck channel" ... you have viewers that want to open their horizons to new ideas.. not watch people build motorcycles like the show that "dream machines" is ripping off. come on... the "im afraid of the dark watch me scream like a little girl show" ?? hosted by URCLE??? come on!.. or better.. the "Haunted garbage i buy at a yardsale show".. oh THERES a winner. Ripping off british tv shows, like "being human" and then not doing them as well as the british do?..

How did this channel go from GOOD scripted shows, like stargate sg1 and eureka, to these... reality shows , that would only entertain people who could count their iq's on one hand? Is saving money THAT important, that SYFY no longer cares about loosing its core viewers? the geeks and intellectual dreamers?

Much more of this happens and our weekly gaming group may just loose interest in watching SyFY as a group... infact.. once eureka goes, there ISNT much left on this channel that is even remotely entertaining.. Ever since syfy got WRESTLING... its kind of been down hill.. I also say this for the 10 people of our gaming group, as well as likely the majority of Syfy viewers out there.. PLEASE STOP MAKIGN YOUR OWN MOVIES!!! THEIR *TERRIBLE!!!!* save the money you waste.. and make new series!

#2 Raithe8


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Posted 14 April 2012 - 03:41 PM

Ever since syfy got WRESTLING... its kind of been down hill.. I also say this for the 10 people of our gaming group, as well as likely the majority of Syfy viewers out there..

What's bizarre is that Wrestling appears to be the highest rated program on SyFy from what I can tell! Posted Image

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#3 Killian1701



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Posted 14 April 2012 - 04:41 PM

What's bizarre is that Wrestling appears to be the highest rated program on SyFy from what I can tell! Posted Image

LOL.. Wrestling being the highest rated thing on Syfy.. jee.. i wonder if that is evidence just how much everything else EPICALLY sucks? .. i think it does!

I feel your pain my friend.

#4 LondoNC



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Posted 15 April 2012 - 07:05 AM

I'm still not clear on the: How did wrestling get on SYFY in the first place? question.As for it being so popular? no one else shows it anymore! Eeek! What the **** was that? Oops, I forgot to turn off my nightvision goggles. I am considering giving up all cable for just SYFY. That way I can buy an old B&W TV. Much lower power consumption and I wouldn't miss a single detail. As for the bad shark/slasher movies I have always been an Ed Wood fan. Watching mannequin parts sinking onto a burlap sack that is supposed to be mud is usually quite amusing. The really bad acting and terrible scripts only add to the general ambience of the whole thing. Whoa!!! I just heard a whispering floorboard say "get out you might affect our ratings." ...hmm...Nope, I just haven't been taking my medication. Then there's the repetition. Then there's the repetition. Then there's the repetition. The same five shows over and over and over and....Oh look! a UFO that looks like a helium balloon with aluminum foil tied to it. (I guess that proves they don't exist) Geez, something just touched my hair! ... Nope, a friend just told me it's this thing called "air" and it might not be harmful. Frankly, I have friends who watch Dog instead. At least they catch what they're after. I'm finding less and less on SYFY to keep my interest. You'll have to forgive me, I need to go turn off all the lights and discover the wonders of my universe while screaming like a 10 year old girlscout. No, lack of medication again...I'm better now. Maybe SYFY execs could use medication too. They certainly seem to have lost-girl their fan-base. OMG! An EKP event. That's when your keyboard types words all by itself but you're not aware of it at the time.

#5 epicondyl



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Posted 15 April 2012 - 01:44 PM

Seriously? Infomercials??? It's very clear that someone upstairs has taken over and is being ALLOWED to run things into the ground. What a shame.

#6 soundping


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Posted 15 April 2012 - 05:13 PM

More fantasy type shows wouldn't hurt any.

#7 StarbuckOS



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Posted 16 April 2012 - 06:55 AM

Someone point out to me what is so "Sci Fi" about any of the shows currently on the channel that is not old; Oh wait you don't even re-run scifi.

Rename the channel, give it to someone who airs scifi, reality trash ruined television.
Posted Image

#8 tdasher



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Posted 16 April 2012 - 05:26 PM

LOL.. Wrestling being the highest rated thing on Syfy.. jee.. i wonder if that is evidence just how much everything else EPICALLY sucks? .. i think it does!

I feel your pain my friend.

Wrestling is probably the highest rating on SyFy because the rest of us, who love Sci Fi, aren't watching anymore since they aren't offering anything for us to watch. I'm watching tonight because I LOVE Eureka but beyond that, I don't tune to this channel.

Also, I feel you pain, my friends.

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#9 jeffmw078



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Posted 16 April 2012 - 07:46 PM

So how can we petition SyFy to go back ti its roots with classic scifi daytime Marathons and all that.

#10 jeffmw078



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Posted 16 April 2012 - 07:47 PM

So how can we petition SyFy to go back to its roots with classic scifi daytime Marathons and all that

#11 Raithe8


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Posted 16 April 2012 - 08:29 PM

Rename the channel, give it to someone who airs scifi, reality trash ruined television.

They's no longer SciFi but SyFy (whatever that means) Having said that, though, I agree, the growing trend toward "reality" shows is disturbing.

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There are 10 types of people in the world. Those who understand binary...and those who do not.

#12 Jeffreykd



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Posted 17 April 2012 - 02:52 PM

Couldn't agree with you more.  It is sad the direction that the SciFi channel has taken.  The parent company of NBC is driving it into the ground.  The recent demise of a great show like Eureka. just goes to show that the network no longer has a interest in keeping viewers and subsequently fans of Science Fiction and that money is the driving force behind programming choices.  I could reminisce about the days of shows like Mystery Science Theatre 3000 but I won't.  As fans of SCIFI It is important that we let the network know how very disappointed we are by boycotting such ridiculous programing as WWE Smackdown and reality shows like fact or faked and this silly game show hosted by Erkle.  My patronage of the scifi channel has devolved to late night replays of Stargate SG-1 and the occasional replay of Enterprise or ST-TNG.

#13 DKHitz



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Posted 04 December 2012 - 09:01 PM

ok this is parts of an email of alot of research i did pertaining to the programming of syfy - sci fi.

sci fi or syfy network dicussion
TO: / /
CC: / / /

Wednesday, October 20, 2010 10:38 AM

This email is about the principle of the programming choices at Syfy or Sci Fi. An observation from myself is your great need to break from what got the network to where it is today and generalize your programming portfolio. There is alot of information gathered here and is compiled into info and articles that has been said by viewers and media sources. Most of the articles have parts removed because I feel the removed parts added no bearing to the discussion, in addition, with and without fan sentiment. Fan sentiment is entire with no parts of what they wrote removed, the italicized and underlined parts are noteworthy points within each article / sentiment that is each a thread in the larger tapestry. Please notice media persons and fans noting their own favorites within the articles, they are just underlined. This is why strong, quality science fiction based content is the correct way to go. Although it is rather interesting that the networks on NBC Universal have as of recent been cross advertising between USA, MSNBC and Syfy to promote favored shows and even showing Warehouse 13, Haven on USA but that didn't happen with SGA, BSG, etc. What is happening to our great channel?

Intro Info – History, Cable Niches, Nielsen, Rebranding

Had - Farscape, BSG, SGA

Have - Sanctuary, SGU, Caprica, Warehouse 13, Eureka, etc.

Could have had - Firefly, B5, DS9

Others - WWE, Sci Fi or SYFY Original Pictures

My Points
About My Comments on the "SyFy Channel"

June 28, 2009

"’The name Sci Fi has been associated with geeks and dysfunctional, antisocial boys in their basements with video games and stuff like that, as opposed to the general public and the female audience in particular,’ said TV historian Tim Brooks, who helped launch Sci Fi Channel when he worked at USA Network.

"Mr. Brooks said that when people who say they don’t like science fiction enjoy a film like ‘Star Wars,’ they don’t think it’s science fiction, they think it’s a good movie.

"’We spent a lot of time in the ‘90s trying to distance the network from science fiction, which is largely why it’s called ‘Sci-Fi,’ Mr. Brooks said. ‘It’s somewhat cooler and better than the name ‘Science Fiction.’ But even the name ‘Sci Fi’ is limiting.’"

First, an explanation of "helped launch." As USA’s research chief I was part of the three-person team that put together the original programming plan for the Sci Fi Channel in 1992.

Also on the team was one of the best—and nicest—schedulers I have ever known in the business, (the late) Neil Hoffman. We worked under the direction of CEO Kay Koplovitz and programming head Dave Kenin. All of them were first rate television executives, dedicated to the success of the new channel, and equally dedicated to the proposition of always respecting the genre and its fans. Kay, who is one of cable’s great visionaries, made that clear.


Stargate: Universe – "Earth"… Final Conflict

Nov 11th, 2009 by Kevin Marousek.


A "Network for Women" was never going to hit the high mark when it knowingly alienated half of its potential audience right out of the gate. A 24-hour all-sports network was never going to be watched by people who didn’t like sports. FoxNews was never going to be watched by people with synaptic activity. And yet the people who run those networks accept that, al-be-it begrudgingly in some cases. They learn to make lemons out of lemonade. And they also learn not to look a gift horse in the mouth.

Fans of science fiction aren’t always the desired demographic, but they are a loyal demographic who will endure a lot of abuse. They will be mocked by critics and pandered to by writers. But they do not suffer fools gladly. And they do not react well to betrayal.


SCI FI Channel, for example, is a niche station received by most cable subscribers as part of their basic package. Like all other cable networks, a relatively low ratings number (like the 1.8 received by the Season Six premiere) may be quite a success. SCI FI's top-rated series usually receive ratings between 1.5 and 2.5. (For context, Lifetime, one of cable's highest-rated networks, only rarely breaks the 4.0 mark.) Such a rating for a broadcast network would be quite low, because they are not niche channels and because original cable programming is still a relatively new phenomenon.


- I am a huge Science fiction fan. I am insulted by the fact that they wanted to get rid of their "Geeky image" when thats exactly why i was watching it! I'm not insulted by being called a geek, i'm proud. The technology of the world is being run by geeks. The Sci Fi channel used to have some great shows, and now they're all a bunch of cheesy movies and ***** that shouldnt even be considered science fiction. I dont think I'll be watching it very often now that they changed their name to some stupid "syfy" and that their shows arent even Science fiction any more. I'm highly disappointed. September 11, 2009 9:17 AM

- Amen to that comment. you take great programs like Farscape and shelf them and add ghost hunter! What *****. And what is with all the wrestling junk? You take a channel that worked well as a SCIENCE FICTION CHANNEL and turn it into reality show *****. i have quit watching it mostly because of shows like these. January 2, 2010 12:52 PM


SCI FI president Dave Howe answers your Syfy questions

Why did you change your name in the first place? What's wrong with sci-fi?

Howe: There's nothing wrong with sci-fi, and we've had 16 great years as the SCI FI Channel. We love sci-fi, which is why we've said we have no intention of abandoning our roots or our core audience. We intend to continue to develop and produce great sci-fi shows like the two upcoming series we recently greenlit, Stargate Universe in the fall and Caprica, the prequel to Battlestar Galactica, coming early next year. Plus we're bringing back Eureka in July, Sanctuary in the fall and launching a brand-new sci-fi show, Warehouse 13, in July. We're still the biggest producer of sci-fi shows in all of TV, and we intend to stay number one.


How does changing your name help grow your business?

The world has changed dramatically since we launched our channel 16 years ago, and we need to evolve with it. We need to position our brand to compete more effectively in a fiercely competitive, multi-platform, multi-media and global world. To do that we have to be able to differentiate or separate our brand from a generic category. There are literally thousands of sci-fi movies, sci-fi series, sci-fi Web sites and sci-fi games out there. If we're called sci-fi, it's difficult for us to own or brand our own shows when they're watched on DVD, iTunes, Hulu, Netflix or any other digital media or platform now or to come. And there's no way for us to cultivate our own unique point of view.

Here's a couple of great examples that we hope illustrate what I'm talking about in a different way. ESPN and COKE are both powerful brands. But if they were called SPORTS or SODA, no one would know why they're different or why they're worth checking out.

They'd lose their personality, point of difference and ability to stand out in the marketplace. "Sci-fi" is the generic term. It's not a brand name we can own or that separates our shows from all of the other sci-fi shows out there.

It's also impossible to effectively trademark the letters "s-c-i-f-i" anywhere in the world, which is becoming a bigger problem as we launch more and more SCI FI Channels around the globe. By the end of next year, the SCI FI Channel will be in about 50 countries.

Also, we need to grow our business beyond just being a cable channel. We want to extend our brand into new businesses, such as gaming, films or the youth market. But if we created a "SCI FI Games" label or a "SCI FI Films" label, it's the same problem of ownability. Our current name doesn't work. But "Syfy Games" or "Syfy Films" does work. It's a unique and recognizable brand name that consumers will know comes from us.

From Myself
- But their name contains in them what they are about i.e. ESPN – Entertainment SPORTS Programming Network or Coke – Made originally from COCA, Sugar, Vegetable Extract and KOLA nuts


This is a total misperception, and none of us at the channel have ever said this. As I've tried to stress in the first question, we love the sci-fi genre, and we love our passionate fans. And that's why we continue to create shows we hope you'll enjoy. And it's why we're always at Comic-Con every year, bringing all of our stars to meet the fans and speak on panels.


Is this just an excuse to put more wrestling on your channel


ECW has successfully brought new younger viewers to our channel. We have no plans to increase the amount of wrestling on the channel.


"The thing that disturbs me most about some of the comments, but if I’m honest didn’t really surprise me, is that this is not about abandoning our past, this is not about alienating our existing core viewers because frankly we are still the sci-fi fantasy channel and we’ll continue to be so," continued Howe. "And this is absolutely about embracing our heritage and embracing our future and figuring out how we can bring even more people into the camp. And the thing that I think disturbs us most was people as we expected saying, well, this is just another opportunity to put more [ECW] on our air or this is another opportunity to do even more reality. That isn’t true.


From Myself

SYFY - Sigh For Years Past

Imagine Greater - Imagine Greater What?

Could have gone with " Sci Fy - Your Destination or Your Destination of Choice" or Sci Fi – And More


Battlestar Galactica
was a huge success, but its premise and title have been described as a double-edged sword. How has that impacted your development process of late?

Battlestar was a spectacular flagship show for us

--the level of critical acclaim around that show was pretty unprecedented for any cable network. But ultimately, it didn't bring in as many viewers as it had the potential to because it was on a network called Sci-Fi and it was set in space. It spoke to some of the narrow perceptions, even though at its heart it was an intense emotional character drama. The fact that it was set in space is actually irrelevant.

The great thing we're seeing around Caprica, which is the prequel we'll launch in January, is that it doesn't have that space backdrop. In all of our testing, we've been overwhelmed by the positive response from new viewers--they're actually seeing things that were in Battlestar Galactica but somehow having it set on a planet that looks like Earth gives more people permission to come in and sample it.


From: Chucklbunny Date: March 12, 2010

Dave Howe has Warehouse 13 and The Lost Room backwards.....The Lost Room is FAR better than W13 and the story was much easier to follow for it had a serious tone to it. the Lost Room was fantastic and excellently written and cast...W13 is B-movie grade and way too campy, boring and aloof to take serious. Christopher Leone, Laura Harkcom & Paul Workman had a winner with TLR and they should have at least had the chance to finish their magnificent mini-series before Sigh-Fie raped the idea for W13. Did Dave even consider the DVD sales of TLR before he shot it down ?? at least make a straight to dvd sequel for TLR's loyal fans and supporters. Put The Lost Room back into development and get a sequel made...stop wasting time on horrible B movies.

From: Spikosauropod Date: March 14, 2010

I just tuned in for a bit of sigh-fie’s Dinocroc. I have considered what Dave Howe said about kicking your feet up and not being too cerebral. I just don’t buy it. Kicking your feet up and not being too cerebral is watching a football game and cheering for the home team. Kicking your feet up and not being too cerebral is observing all the expressions your dog gets and all the scams it runs to get a treat. Kicking your feet up and not being too cerebral is watching a repeat of a favorite old movie or TV show. The true malice of these shows that the sigh-fie channel puts on is not their failure but their success. They are not naïve experimentation that fails to reach the mark of genius. Rather, they are ingenious in their ability to consistently get a 5% market share within +/-1%. They are elevator music—calculated processed smoothed out variations of successful productions. They are not naïve failures, but sophisticated cheats.


Sci-Fi responds to Farscape's cancellation

September 18, 2002 Courtesy of the Sci-Fi Channel


Q: SCI FI cited poor ratings as a reason for the cancellation. Aren't the ratings as high as they have ever been?

A: The fact is, ratings for the series have declined. Farscape's average primetime rating for original episodes in 2001 was a 1.4 [1,611,000 actual viewers] (Farscape's "rating" represents the percentage of homes that can get SCI FI Channel that tuned into the show). The show peaked in March 2001 with the season 3 premiere earning a 1.9. However, in 2002, season four's original episodes averaged a 1.2 [1,544,000 viewers]. Also, despite the fact that SCI FI is now available in nearly 3 million more homes than it was during season 3, the actual number of viewers for Farscape has gone down.

Additionally, in past seasons, Farscape had built upon its lead-in program (i.e., had more viewers than the program preceding it - a standard industry indicator of a show's success). For example, during the summer of 2001, Farscape increased 44% in ratings and 51% in households over its lead-in, The Invisible Man. However, this past summer, Farscape lost 29% of its lead-in program in terms of ratings, and 27% in households.


Q: Didn't you hurt the ratings by changing Farscape's time period?

A: Farscape was moved to the 10pm spot in the hopes that new SCI FI viewers tuning into the debut of Stargate SG-1 would stay around to sample Farscape and become hooked on the show. For the first few weeks of the new SCI FI Friday lineup, we even created special episodic promotions for Farscape that aired within Stargate, in an effort to push viewers to Farscape. However, despite the fact that large numbers of new viewers did show up to watch Stargate, not enough of them stayed tuned for Farscape.

One other unfortunate point to note is that at 10pm, Farscape faced no competition from UPN, WB or Fox, as those networks stop broadcasting dramatic shows after 10pm, and in most markets switch to local news. Yet, even with less broadcast network competition at 10pm than at 9pm, Farscape's ratings still declined this season.


Q: There are rumors that SCI FI canceled the series because "the network brass hated the series." Is this true?

A: Once again, there is no truth to those rumors. Farscape's greatest supporters can be found at the Channel. Farscape's creator, Rockne O'Bannon, has even been quoted in a recent interview as stating that SCI FI Channel President "Bonnie (Hammer) has always been a real strong supporter of the series and seen the value in it." This has been an extraordinarily difficult decision to reach for all of us here at SCI FI, at every level.


Can "Farscape" fans reinvent TV? Thursday, Mar 13, 2003

During another online chat in December, Kemper said that the only way to change Sci Fi's position would be to improve the ratings for the show's remaining episodes. Galvanized by this last shred of hope, fans have focused on recruiting new viewers to obtain the six additional "Nielsen families," or households monitored by Nielsen Media Research, that would pull "Farscape" up to a 2.0 in the ratings, a figure the show has not reached this season.


Defying Nielsen by trustywinona on Mon Apr 05, 2004

Why was Farscape Cancelled?
A drop in ratings? I don’t see this as the answer, seasons past had seen lower ratings and the show was still given more money year after year. A fan base which wasn’t growing? This is partially it I suspect. Now I am not sure but most of the conditions point to ratings not meeting expectations. The show had just come off its third season in which it was a boost in the ratings. Thus they received more money for a fourth and fifth season. Because of the growing fan base salesmen, selling ad time could ‘safely’ estimate that the show’s ratings would go up even higher with this increase in production value. So in selling ad time they promised a higher rating then the show was getting. When this happens money is often refunded to the companies who had ads showing at that time; or the ad was shown again for free until the agreed market share was reached. Unhappy with Farscape’s lack of performance Sci-fi ultimately cancelled the show.

The Nitty Gritty on How Farscape Got Cancelled

Written by Cosmic Theorist Tuesday, 20 September 2005


On the following Monday, September 9, the Sci Fi Channel released a statement confirming that Farscape had been cancelled, citing Farscape’s inability "to grow beyond its core fan base" and "the extreme and growing cost of production" as the reasons for the cancellation. Disappointing ratings and rising costs are the usual reasons that networks give when they announce the cancellation of series. These reasons usually satisfy the news media since the facts are difficult if not impossible to check. To check ratings data requires access to Nielsen’s data which is unavailable without a subscription. To check production costs requires access to a production company’s books, and companies usually don’t let reporters see their books. The news media seemed to accept the Sci Fi Channel’s statement at face value. Scapers didn’t; Scapers wanted answers.


When Scapers began checking their own sources of information against the Sci Fi Channel’s cancellation press release, it appeared that the Sci Fi Channel was being disingenuous. How could they claim that Farscape was unable to grow beyond its core fan base if its ratings had increased? The ratings average for Farscape’s 11 fourth season episodes at 10 pm was identical to the ratings average for the 12 third season episodes that aired at 9 pm during the summer of 2001, an average of 1.3; however, according to Scapers with access to Nielsen’s ratings data, the combined ratings average for Farscape’s 10 pm and midnight showings was 16-17% HIGHER then the combined ratings average for the previous summer’s 9 pm and midnight showings. A ratings increase, even an unpublicized ratings increase, is NOT a failure to grow an audience. Furthermore, how could the Sci Fi Channel claim that Farscape’s production costs were extreme and growing when they had a signed contract that gave them a fixed price per episode for Farscape’s fourth AND fifth seasons. A fixed cost CANNOT be called a growing cost.


At some unknown date, perhaps as early as the beginning of June, the Sci Fi Channel entered into talks with EM.TV to renegotiate the contract for Farscape's 5th season; EM.TV was the German company that owned the Jim Henson Company and with Jim Henson, owned Farscape.


From Wikipedia

2000 – In February, EM.TV buys The Jim Henson Company for $680 million.

2003 – In July, The Jim Henson Company was purchased by the Henson Family from EM.TV for $78 million.

From Myself

Season 1 Average 1.3 Season 2 Average 1.4 Season 3 Average 1.3 Season 4 Average 1.3 Nielsen Sweeps

Season 1 Eps 1 19-Mar-99 1.3 to Eps 7 7-May-99 0.9 OFF 1 Month 1 Full 1 Partial

Eps 8 11-Jun-99 1.4 to Eps16 20-Aug-99 1.3 OFF 2 Weeks

Eps 17 10-Sep-99 1.5 to Eps 18 17-Sep-99 1.4 OFF 3 Months 3 Weeks

Eps 19 7-Jan-00 1.5 to Eps 22 28-Jan-00 1.6 Eps 6 23-Apr-99 0.9 (Low) Eps 10 25-Jun-99 1.7 (High)

Season 2 Eps 1 17-Mar-00 1.6 to Eps6 21-Apr-00 1.2 OFF 1 Month 3 Weeks 1 Full

Eps 7 16-Jun-00 1.5 to Eps 18 15-Sep-00 1.4 OFF 3 Months 3 Weeks

Eps 19 5-Jan-01 1.4 to Eps 22 26-Jan-01 1.2 Eps 5 14-Apr-00 1.1 (Low) Eps 15 18-Aug-00 1.7 (High)

Season 3 Eps 1 16-Mar-01 1.9 (High) to Eps 6 20-Apr-01 1.4 OFF 1 Month 3 Weeks 1 Full

Eps7 15-Jun-01 1.5 to Eps 18 24-Aug-01 1.4 OFF 7 Months 2 Weeks

Eps 19 5-Apr-02 1.3 to Eps 22 26-Apr-02 1.2 Eps 20 12-Apr-02 1.0 (Low)

Season 4 Eps 1 7-Jun-02 1.6 to Eps 11 23-Aug-02 1.5 OFF 4 Months 1 Week 2 Full

Eps 12 30-Dec-02 to Eps 22 21-Mar-03

Season 1-3 premiere consistent with season 1,2 season finale consistent.

Season 1’s 22 Eps spread over 10 and half months and only get 1 month and 1 week worth of advertising based Nielsen sweeps month info for potential ads for season 2.

How can Farscape season finales work when they were closer to the next season then the season they were being a finale for?

With such bad management of Farscape schedule, how can the series go beyond diehard fans and attract new fans with such poor scheduling in 4 yrs the show was only shown in the Nielsen sweeps months partially in season 1 and full in season 1, 2, 3 and twice in 4. It's hard to show potential advertisers solid data about the show with such spotty data at best.

Farscape is noted to have cost about $1.5 million an episode in 2002 for season 4 with an average rating of 1.3, so the same price tag as the original movie budget with fan following and scheduled right, builds consistent viewers and more.

If Farscape was so beloved then why is it not being rebroad cast? Also, how many TV sets had the Sci-Fi channel in 1999? 2000? 01 or 02? I would wager not a ton but despite that, the show still got 1.3, 1.4 for Nielsen ratings. Not awesome but respectable for the time and place.


SCI FI the Fastest-Growing Basic Cable Network in Primetime for 2002 in Viewer Ratings; Best Quarter EVER for SCI FI in Primetime, Late-Night and Total Day

Business Wire, Jan 3, 2003


One of television's success stories of the year, SCI FI Channel crossed the 2002 finish line as the fastest-growing basic cable network in viewer ratings. Fueled by the success of Steven Spielberg Presents TAKEN, SCI FI Channel also reached #4 in cable Household ratings for the first time ever in December(*) (its previous high was #9), and, coupled with a strong October and record-breaking November, the Channel enjoyed a record-breaking quarter. High notes for the year include: FIRSTS FOR SCI FI IN 2002


in persons 2 ratings (up 21%)(**).


From Myself

Battlestar Galatica Season 1 Ave - 2.4 Season 2 Ave - 2.0 Season 3 Ave - 1.4 Season 4 Ave - 1.3

Nielsen Sweeps Months

BSG Miniseries 8-Dec-03 3.2 9-Dec-03 3.8

Season 1 Eps 1 14-Jan-05 2.6 (High) to Eps 13 1-Apr-05 2.1 Eps 10 4-Mar-05 2.1 (Low) 1 Full

Season 2 Eps 1 15-Jul-05 2.6 (High) to Eps 10 23-Sep-05 2.0 OFF 3 Months 1 Full Partial 1

Eps 11 6-Jan-06 2.1 to Eps 20 10-Apr-06 1.9 Eps 17 17-Feb06 1.7 (Low)

Season 3 Eps1 1-Oct-06 1.8 (High) to Eps 11 15-Dec-06 1.4 OFF 1 Month 1 Week 2 Full

Eps 12 21-Jan-07 1.4 to Eps 20 25-Mar-08 1.2 Eps 16 25-Feb-07 1.1 (Low)

Season 4 Eps 1 24-Nov07 1.21 OFF 4 Months 1 Week 2 Full

Eps 2 4-Apr-08 1.6 to Eps 11 13-Jun-08 1.4 OFF 7 months

Eps 12 16-Jan-09 1.6 to Eps 21 20-Mar-09 1.7 (High) Eps 7 9-May-08 1.2 (Low)

Season 1-4 mostly consistent with season finale.

When are Advertisers supposed to advertise on this show when it jumps around so much?

Stargate Atlantis Boosts Sci Fi

By Mike Reynolds -- Multichannel News, 7/20/2004

Stargate Atlantis
blasted off into a new Nielsen stratosphere, delivering the most viewers and highest ratings of any series in the history of Sci Fi Channel.

The two-hour debut of the Stargate SG-1 spinoff series delivered a 3.2 household rating and some 4.19 million viewers during its July 16 debut from 9 p.m.-11 p.m., according to Nielsen Media Research data.

In addition to scoring a record number of viewers, the show was Sci Fi’s all-time best series as far as reaching adults 18-49 and 25-54.

That performance easily surpassed the record-setting season-opening ratings of Stargate SG-1’s eighth season, which recorded a 2.4 rating and 3.22 million viewers the week before.

The debut of Stargate Atlantis was the No. 1 cable program among adults 18-49 and 25-54 July 16, while its encore, which followed from 11 p.m.-1 a.m., pulled a 1.8 household rating and some 2.17 million viewers overall.


From Myself

Nielsen Sweeps

Season 1 Eps 1 16-Jul-04 3.2 (High) to Eps 10 17-Sep-04 1.9 OFF 3 Months 1 Full 1 Partial

Eps 11 -Jan-05 2.1 to Eps 20 -Mar-05 2.2 Eps 9 10-Sep-04 1.7 (Low)

Season 2 Eps 1 15-Jul-05 2.2 to Eps 10 23-Sep-05 1.7 OFF 3 Months 1 Full 1 Partial

Eps 11 -Jan-06 2.0 to Eps 20 -Mar-06 1.8 Eps 18 -Mar-06 1.5 (Low)

Season 3 Eps 1 28-Jul-06 1.2 to Eps 10 22-Sep-06 1.6 OFF 6 Months 1 Full 1 Partial

Eps 11 -Apr-07 1.4 to Eps 20 -Jun-07 1.5 Eps 17 -Jun-07 1.1 (Low) Eps 6 18-Aug-06 1.8 (High)

Season 4 Eps 1 28-Jul-07 1.2 to Eps 10 7-Dec-07 1.1 OFF 1 Month 2 Full

Eps 11 4-Jan-08 1.4 to Eps 20 7-Mar-08 1.5 (High) Eps 4 19-Oct-07 0.9 (Low)

Season 5 Eps 1 11-Jul-08 1.3 to Eps 20 9-Jan-09 1.5 Eps 10 26-Sep-08 1.1 (Low) 1 Full 1 Partial

Sci Fi Channel Ratings Redux

January 8th, 2005 by Aaron H. Bynum

Good Lookin' Numbers

The Sci Fi Channel has just finished recording its finest year ever. Regarding the television broadcasts large amount of original programming and showing of classic feature films alike, the 2004-year was apparently the highest-rated and most-watched year the Sci Fi Channel has ever experienced, as initially reported by Widely known for showing programs with full rendered and highly detailed computer graphics and/or animation, this channel certainly deserves some praise for the hard work that each key program's animation and effects directors and artists have placed on each subsequent project.


Sci Fi Friday Is Ratings Hit Jul 19, 2005 by Sci Fi Wire

The Sci Fi Channel’s Sci Fi Fridays started up again this last Friday (July 15th) and its proved a huge ratings success again. Stargate SG-1 kicked off the evening with its ninth season and scored a 2.1 household rating with 2.6 million viewers. That’s a remarkably 5% higher than its January premiere.

The evening continued with Stargate Atlantis which launched its second season with a 2.2 rating and 2.8 million viewers. That’s 6% up on its January premiere audience. Battlestar Galactica rounded out the evening and scored its highest ratings ever with a 2.6 household rating and 3.1 million viewers.

The ratings improvements are particularly remarkable since this is the summer season and usually television ratings in the summer are down from the rest of they year. We can only hope that the continuing success of the Sci Fi Friday brand and the Sci Fi Channels original programming will result in more such shows in the future.


Battlestar Galactica - The first half of Battlestar Galactica season 4 averaged a 1.8 Household rating, 1,576,000 Adults 18-49 (+15%); 1,726,000 Adults 25-54 (+19%) and 2,326,000 total viewers (+13%). Among Adults 18-49 and Adults 25-54, this is the best half season or full season performance for the series since Battlestar Galactica season 1 (Jan-April 2005). Battlestar enjoyed its best season ever for female viewers, delivering 592,000 Women 18-49 and 646,000 Women 25-54.

Eureka - · Eureka delivered its best season to-date in key demos, while averaging a 2.2 Household rating and series-highs of 1,424,000 Adults 18-49 (+11%); 1,687,000 Adults 25-54 (+21%) and 2,972,000 Total Viewers (+20%).


From Myself

Syfy is talking that Season 1 SGU beat Season 5 SGA – sounds like when "Goldman Sachs urged bets against California Bonds it helped sell."


Season 1

Episode Date HH rating 18-49 Rating Avg Audience (Millions)

Air pt 1+2 (2 hours) 2-Oct-09 1.3 0.3 2.35

Air pt 3 9-Oct-09 1.5 1.3 2.45 (High)

Justice 4-Dec-09 0.2 0.2 1.34

Midseason Break

Space 2-Apr-10 1.2 0.2 1.49

Incursion pt 1 4-Jun-10 0.1 0.2 1.18 (Low)

Incursion pt 2 11-Jun-10 1.2 0.2 1.47

20 Episodes Oct-Jun thru 11-Jun-10 Ratings Avg 0.97 18-49 Ratings Avg 0.56 Avg viewers 1.49 million 10 Eps Off 4 months 10 Eps

Season 2

Episode Date HH rating 18-49 Rating Avg Audience (Millions)

Intervention (Part 3) 28-Sep-10 0.8 0.5 1.18

Awakening 12-Oct-10 0.8 0.5 1.22 (High)

Trial and Error 2-Nov-10 0.7 0.4 0.97 (Low)

Resurgence (Part 1) 30-Nov-10 0.7 0.5 1.09

April 12, 2010 - @Lesferris If SGU continues this trend of around 1.4 to 1.6 Million viewers for live, then it would be getting just under what SGA was doing. What does this mean? Well if people think SGA was cancelled for ratings then the show may be in trouble. It is down by almost 500,000 viewers from the first half for Live+SD. BUT! We all know SGA was not cancelled due to ratings ,so SGU will be fine even with these lower numbers.

Also, the entire SyFy network is down from last year



RE: Thanks for the Nielsen Ratings (They Make Me Crazy)

ian.mullen 09-13-2007

I'm also a fan of the Nielsen ratings simply because it lets the fans know what the chances are of getting another season. Even a 1.55 for Sight Unseen is still higher than anything else broadcast on Sci Fi Channel this year. So a 1.8 for GIITD is pretty amazing. "Sci Fi are dumb, but they're not that dumb" is a phrase a friend of mine used and I love it. Sci Fi are not dumb enough to cancel their highest rated series. They let Eureka go now, NBC Universal might as well just cancel Sci Fi Channel. The season average for Season 1 was 2.0. Season 2 currently stands at 1.7. Bad? Nope - Skiffy ratings are down across the board this year, but everywhere else it is by about 0.5 of a point (eg BSG normally averages 2.0 for Season 1/2, Season 3 got about 1.4/1.5). So for Eureka to only drop 0.2 is amazing. Last year renewal was a "probably, but don't hold our breaths - it is Sci Fi." This year, renewal is a "definitely. No doubts, no worries. It's getting renewed."



Low Overnight Ratings for Firefly premiere

September 21 2002

The show averaged 4.1/8, coming in joint third for the 8pm time slot. More proof for the doomsayers who say Fox can not have a successful show in the Friday 8pm time slot. Let's hope for Joss's sake the numbers will go up as the reviews seem fairly positive.

TVtracker says Firefly pulled a 4.9, or 5.1 million households, and placed first among adults 18 - 49 for its timeslot.

what's average? what's good? depends on the day, time and network, really. while UPN or WB would be pleased with a 4.1 (and very pleased with a 4.9), to the Big Four, that would usually mean 4th place.

From Myself

Firefly averaged 3 ratings despite an incomplete first season with the episodes being out of chronological order.

Eps Title Original Air Date Broadcast Bdcast Title Orig Air Date Eps Ratings

1 "Serenity" Dec 20, 02 11 1 "The Train Job" Sep 20, 02 2 4.1/8

2 "The Train Job" Sep 20, 02 1 2 "Bushwacked" Sep 27, 02 3

3 "Bushwacked" Sep 27, 02 2 3 "Our Mrs. Reynolds" Oct 4, 02 6

4 "Shindig" Nov 1, 02 6 4 "Jaynestown" Oct 18, 02 7 2.7/5

5 "Safe" Nov 8, 02 7 5 "Out of Gas" Oct 25, 02 8

6 "Our Mrs. Reynolds" Oct 4, 02 3 6 "Shindig" Nov 1, 02 4 2.8/5

7 " Jaynestown" Oct 18, 02 4 7 "Safe" Nov 8 ,02 5 2.9/5

8 "Out of Gas" Oct 25, 02 5 8 "Ariel" Nov 15, 02 9 2.9/5

9 "Ariel" Nov 15, 02 8 9 "War Stories" Dec 6, 02 10 2.4/4

10 "War Stories" Dec 6, 02 9 10 "Objects in Space" Dec 13, 02 14

11 "Trash" ?Jun 28, 03? 12 11 "Serenity" Dec 20, 02 1

12 "The Message" ?Jul 15, 03? 13 12 "Trash" ?Jun 28, 03? 11

13 "Heart of Gold" ?Aug 19, 03? 14 13 "The Message" ?Jun 15, 03? 12

14 "Objects in Space" Dec 13, 02 10 14 "Heart of Gold" ?Aug 19, 03? 13

Firefly and Serenity: A Background

The Firefly Cancellation

Though the show had a loyal flowing during its original broadcast, it was cancelled by FOX in December 2002 after only 11 episodes aired in the USA and Canada due to low ratings. In the hopes of getting another network such as UPN to pick up the cancelled show, fans formed the Firefly Immediate Assistance campaign. They were unsuccessful in promoting the show’s continuance.


Despite critical acclaim and Internet buzz, Serenity performed modestly at best at the box office. Although several pundits predicted a #1 opening, the film opened at #2 in the United States, taking in $10.1 million its first weekend, spending two weeks in the top ten, and totaling a box office gross of $25.5 million.

The box office income outside the United States was $13.3 million, with a worldwide total of $38.8 million, slightly less than the film’s $39 million budget, which doesn’t include the promotion and advertising costs

. The film’s creators and supporters are hoping that strong DVD sales, similar to those of the Firefly television series, may lead to a sequel production.


January 15, 2003
- ABC, CBS, NBC and SCI FI channel all turn down Firefly. Syndication unlikely due to cost.
January 22, 2003 - Fans visit with Mutant Enemy and Fox about saving the TV show by releasing it direct-to-DVD. Mutant Enemy likes the idea, but say's it's hands are tied. Fox simply states they want to wash their hands of the show. Fox says there probably isn't a big enough market to even justify releasing the DVDs, but they are thinking about it.
July 22, 2005 - Sci Fi channel (owned by NBC/Universal) begins airing Firefly re-runs ahead of it's critically acclaimed and very popular series Battlestar Galactica


Firefly premiered in the United States and Canada on the
Fox network on September 20, 2002. Despite high expectations for the Joss Whedon-led project, by mid-December 2002 Firefly had averaged only 4.7 million viewers per episode and was 98th in Nielsen ratings. It was canceled after eleven of the fourteen produced episodes were aired. Despite the series' relatively short life span, it received strong sales when it was released on DVD and has large fan support campaigns. It won an Emmy in 2003 for Outstanding Special Visual Effects for a Series. The post-airing success of the show led Whedon and Universal Pictures to produce a film based on the series, Serenity.


NASA Browncoat Astronaut Steven Swanson took the Firefly and Serenity DVDs with him on Space Shuttle Atlantis' STS-117 mission, which lifted off on Friday, June 8, 2007. The DVDs will permanently reside on the International Space Station as a form of entertainment for the station's crews.


Babylon 5

From Wikipedia

The series consists of a coherent five-year story arc taking place over five seasons of 22 episodes each.

Unlike most television shows at the time, Babylon 5 was conceived as a "novel for television", with a defined beginning, middle, and end; in essence, each episode would be a single "chapter" of this "novel". Many of the tie-in novels, comic books, and short stories were also developed to play a significant canonical part in the overall story.

The pilot film, The Gathering, premiered on February 22, 1993, and the regular series initially aired from January 26, 1994 through November 25, 1998, first on the short-lived Prime Time Entertainment Network, then on cable network TNT.

The pilot film debuted in the United States with strong viewing figures, achieving a 9.7 in the Nielsen national syndication rankings. The series proper debuted with a 6.8 rating/10 share. Figures dipped in its second week, and while it posted a solid 5.0 rating/8 share, with an increase in several major markets, ratings for the first season continued to fall, to a low 3.4 during reruns, and then increasing again when new episodes were broadcast in July.


Babylon 5's household ratings averaged between 3 and 4% of the U.S. market, and the series ran four seasons in syndication until the dissolution of the

Prime Time Entertainment Network, and then moved to cable channel TNT for its final season. The PTEN vs. UPN network rivalry also may have been a factor in this "bad blood" between the two shows, since both were competing for control of the same independent stations and status as the "5th network" to serve America. Ultimately PTEN dissolved in 1997, while The WB and UPN merged to form The CW in 2006.

The cost of the series totaled an estimated $90 million for 110 episodes.

From Myself

B5 series of 110 episodes cost an estimated $90 million with each episode costing an estimated average of $818,000 with better ratings on a start-up network that didn’t last and stretching out for the year, seasons 1 thru 4 but they did hit 3 out of 4 Nielsen Sweeps months thou.

Nielsen Sweeps months

Season 1 Eps 1 26-Jan-94 to Eps 8 16-Mar-94 OFF 1 Month 3 Full

Eps 9
20-Apr-94 to Eps 14 25-May-94 OFF 1 Month

Eps 15
6-Jul-94 to Eps 21 17-Aug-94 OFF 2 Months 1 Week

Eps 22

Season 2 Eps 1 2-Nov-94 to Eps 7 14-Dec-94 OFF 1 Month 1 Week 3 Full

Eps 8
25-Jan-95 to Eps 13 1-Mar-95 OFF 1 Month 3 Weeks

Eps 14
26-Apr-95 to Eps 18 24-May-95 OFF 4 Months 1 Week

11-Oct-95 to Eps 22 1-Nov-95

Season 3 Eps 1 6-Nov-95 to Eps 4 27-Nov-95 OFF 1 Month 3 Weeks 2 Full 1 Partial

Eps 5
29-Jan-96 to Eps 9 26-Feb-96 OFF 1 Month

Eps 10
1-Apr-96 to Eps 17 20-May-96 OFF 4 Months 1 Week

Eps 18
30-Sep-96 to Eps 22 28-Oct-96

Season 4 Eps 1 4-Nov-96 to Eps 4 25-Nov-96 OFF 1 Month 3 Weeks 3 Full

Eps 5
27-Jan-97 to Eps 9 24-Feb-97 OFF 1 Month 2 Weeks

Eps 10
21-Apr-97 to Eps 18 16-Jun-97 OFF 3 Months 2 Weeks

Eps 19
6-Oct-97 to Eps 22 27-Oct-97

Season 5 Eps 1 21-Jan-98 to Eps 13 15-Apr-98 OFF 1 Month 1 Week 2 Full

Eps 14
27-May-98 to Eps 17 17-Jun-98 OFF 4 Months 1 Week

Eps 18
28-Oct-98 to Eps 22 25-Nov-98


Deep Space Nine spent most of its lifetime as the number one syndicated first-run show on television despite its falling number of viewers. Even when it became a near-serial show (usually, long-term serial shows are ratings disasters -- witness Babylon 5) airing in prime-time in less than 60 percent of the nation, DS9 managed well over a 4.0 average in its final two years. As a general rule, a syndicated show needs to maintain a 3.0 to be successful, DS9 always maintained that despite the strikes against it. Look at the other sci-fi shows similar to DS9: Earth: Final Conflict is regarded as a decent show ratings-wise, staying in the lower 3.0 range

From Wikipedia

Although DS9's ratings remained solid, it was never as successful as the syndicated Star Trek: The Next Generation, which approximately 6% versus 11% of US households watched during sweeps months. However it continued to perform better than its network sibling Star Trek: Voyager which averaged around 5% according to the

Nielsen ratings.


WWE - ECW, NXT, Smackdown

From Wikipedia

ECW moved to 9:00PM Eastern/8:00PM Central on September 30, 2008. ECW moved back to 10:00PM Eastern/9:00PM Central on May 5, 2009. On July 7,2009, the Sci Fi Channel renamed itself to "Syfy", prompting WWE to rename the show ECW on Syfy to reflect the changes. Running time - 60 minutes

Special Episodes

Episode Date Rating Notes

ECW 13-Jun-06 2.9 Debut episode

Best of ECW 2006 26-Dec-06 1.4 Featured clips from 2006

Best of ECW 2007 25-Dec-07 1.1 Featured clips from 2007

ECW 100th episode 6-May-08 1.0 Celebrated the show's 100th episode

Best of ECW 2008 23-Dec-08 1.2 Featured clips from 2008

ECW The Final Episode 16-Feb-10 1.4 Final episode


WWE NXT is a unique combination of heart-stopping entertainment and gritty behind-the-scenes reality. The NXT Rookie stars of the series take the challenge of the Syfy tagline ‘Imagine Greater’ to heart as they embark on their ultimate dream quest to join the next generation of WWE Superstars. Running Time - 60 Minutes

From Myself

NXT Apr-Sep 0.78 HH 0.37 18-49 1.15 million viewers

Ah Hem!

Is this just an excuse to put more wrestling on your channel


ECW has successfully brought new younger viewers to our channel. We have no plans to increase the amount of wrestling on the channel.

And Again

"The thing that disturbs me most about some of the comments, but if I’m honest didn’t really surprise me, is that this is not about abandoning our past, this is not about alienating our existing core viewers because frankly we are still the sci-fi fantasy channel and we’ll continue to be so," continued Howe. "And this is absolutely about embracing our heritage and embracing our future and figuring out how we can bring even more people into the camp. And the thing that I think disturbs us most was people as we expected saying, well, this is just another opportunity to put more [ECW] on our air or this is another opportunity to do even more reality. That isn’t true.

Syfy to pay an extra pay $30 million to bring WWE Friday Night Smackdown to the Syfy network

! Scott Adams April 12, 2010

The Los Angeles Times is reporting that WWE Friday Night Smackdown! Will be moving to the Syfy network, and affiliate of WWE’s longtime cable partner, USA Network. WWE is likely to make an official announcement later this week.

Syfy will reportedly pay $30 million to air WWE Smackdown!, up 50% from the $20 million WWE has been getting from MyNetworkTV.

Although terms were not disclosed, My Network TV was shelling out roughly $20 million a year for "Smackdown." Syfy's price tag is believed to be closer to $30 million a year.

From Myself

Smackdown 7-Oct-10 to 17-Dec-10 1.48 HH 0.78 18-49 2.62 million viewers


Friday Night Smackdown averages more than 3.4 million viewers a week and is currently the most watched TV program on Friday nights among Males under 55 and beats all Friday primetime programming on ABC, NBC, FOX and CW aomgn Men 18-34*. The two hour television program will be presented weekly on Syfy … *(Nielsen Media Research Q4 2009)

Exclusive: MyNetworkTV Adds ‘Burn Notice,' ‘Without a Trace,' ‘Monk' To Fall schedule

By Paige Albiniak Broadcasting & Cable 4/14/2010

Bids ‘WWE Smackdown' farewell, ‘Monk' replaces wrestling on Friday nights

Another off-USA hit, NBC Universal's Monk, will get a double-run on Friday nights, replacing WWE's Friday Night Smackdown. MyNet opted out of its contract for the long-running wrestling show, according to sources, because $30 million was more money than the programming service wanted to afford considering the show's performance. Year to year, MyNetworkTV is up 46% among total viewers based on its Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday night performances alone.

Friday Night Smackdown! Premiere on Syfy On Par With Recent MyNetworkTV; But Down From a Year Ago By Robert Seidman October 4, 2010

WWE’s Friday Night Smackdown’s premiere on Syfy Friday averaged 2.524 million viewers and a 0.8 adults 18-49 rating. That’s a few less viewers than the last MyNet telecast on September 17 (I won’t have numbers for 9/24 until tomorrow) which averaged 2.766 million, but the adults 18-49 rating was identical.


Sci Fi or Syfy Original Pictures

From Wikipedia

Sci Fi Pictures original films – developed by Chris Regina, Ray Cannella and Thomas Vitale, Sci Fi Pictures original films are typically independently-made B-movies with production budgets of $1 to 2 million each. They usually premiere on Saturday nights. These films are occasionally retitled for their DVD releases.


From Myself

Syfy or Sci Fi original pictures makes independently-made "B-movies" with a production budget to $1 to $2 million per and getting an average rating of 1.1 with a (High) of 1.8 for NYC Tornado Terror and (Low) of 0.7 for Fire and Ice. This information coming from ‘listing of top ten Syfy or SciFi channel shows" 9-8-08 thru 11-23-08 so basically a 1 ratings point per million. Do these movies build Fanbase viewership that can grow, as a series can?


From Myself

Ghost Hunters 2-Jun-08 to 15-Jun-08 Ave Rating – 1.75 8-Sep-08 to 23-Nov-08 Ave Rating – 1.96 Total Ave Rating – 1.85

Ghost hunters season 5 partial average

Date HH Rating 18-49 Rating Avg Millions

Oct-nov 1.6 1.2 2.7

Ghost hunters season 6 partial average

Date HH Rating 18-49 Ratings Avg Millions

Mar-apr-may 1.3 1.0 2.2

26 aug - 2 nov 1.23 0.86 1.96

Ghost hunters academy season 1

Date HH Rating 18-49 Rating Avg Millions

Nov-jun-jul 1.0 0.6 1.58

Ghost hunters international season 2 partial average

Date HH Rating 18-49 Rating Avg Millions

Jan-jul-aug 0.86 0.6 1.4

Destination Truth 8-Sep-08 to 19-Oct-08 Ave Rating – 1.25

Destination Truth Season 3 partial ave

Date HH Rating 18-49 Rating Avg Millions

Oct09-apr10-mar10 1.2 0.9 1.95

10-Sep-10 to 29-Oct-10 0.7 0.4 1.06

Fact or faked season 1

Date HH Rating 18-49 Rating Avg Millions

Jul-aug 0.6 0.4 0.9

Fact or Faked

October 29, 2010 0.6 HH 0.4 18-49 0.93 million viewers

Mary knows best

Date HH Rating 18-49 Rating Avg Millions

26 jul 0.2 0.1 0.35

October 28, 2010 Hollywood Treasure (10pm) - 0.9 HH - 0.7 A18-49 - 1.50 million viewers

October 28, 2010 Hollywood Treasure (10:30pm) - 0.9 HH - 0.6 A18-49 - 1.40 million viewers

October 5, 2010 Scare Tactics (9pm) - 0.6 HH - 0.5 A18-49 - 1.06 million viewers

October 26, 2010 Scare Tactics (9pm) - 0.6 HH - 0.4 A18-49 - 0.93 million viewers

Beast legends

Sep 10 0.6 HH 0.4 18-49 1.01 millions

Sep 17 0.5 HH 0.3 18-49 0.80 millions

Sep 24 0.4 HH 0.3 18-49 0.64 millions

Who covers the travel costs?, per diem?, lodging?, how many travel?, overseas travel, equipment transportation that all adds up too

My Points

'Those who cannot remember the past are condemned to repeat it'-George Santayana

An Email I sent awhile back with no research behind it, just my thoughts at the time on the matter.


: Sun, June 8, 2008 7:45:53 PM

: Network show sub-proposal

Hello Sir and Madam as the case may be. My name is David Robertson and yes I am not afraid to say I am a science fiction nut. I watch your network whenever possible and have seen series come and go, I am sure that what I am going to say you have heard before so here it goes. I know the research would show that having a tri-flagship of shows on your network at this time would greatly enhance your viewership and the shows in question are.

1. Stargate Atlantis - which you already have on the docket

2. Farscape - which you have had on before

3. Firefly - which I just found out is maybe going to be aired on your network

As any network is aware in getting a show to be watched and attract ads, the show needs a fan base or loyal viewers. Even though Farscape and Firefly were cancelled they still both have a good size to large fan base. Both shows have many character arcs and show plot arcs to explore that were either not explained during the run of the show, explained during the movies(s) that were filmed after cancellation and/or the unknown time between the movie(s) and when they resume on your network. I could go into great detail as to these plots and arcs in this email but that would take considerable amount of time. As to the actors and actresses that were in those series, you have some already on contract but alas on different projects but I am sure they could be moved over to their previous gig. I am very confident that the remaining actors and actresses could be swayed into returning.

Why is this a good time to have a tri-flagship? gas prices. I highly doubt that by the time the fall season of shows start to air on TV that the fuel prices wil go down to levels that people will be doing alot of travelling. Hence those same people will be at their homes watching TV since it will be by far an inexpensive form of entertainment. Getting new viewers or returning viewers during this time will yield very long term dividends.

The two creators of Farscape and Firefly did an outstanding job during their runs before and will do so again. This opportunity is a gift horse, it will take some maneuvering to get the peices into place but the growth that will ensue, will be only capped by the decsion makers.

Thank you for your time and reading my sub-proposal.

Sincerely HM2 Robertson, David K (FMF) USNR

Owner of The Gamers Grounds

From Myself

If viewers, fans and casual viewers have to spend more time finding out when their show will be aired then actually watching it, there will be problems. How can a series grow beyond its current viewership by word of mouth of viewers to new people OR media write-ups concerning said show that they see and like to attract new people OR when the show is on some break or whatever, the new people more than likely will not tune in again to watch the show does return whenever. People are about convenience and making them hunt around for when their show is on, is not convenience. It is hard to get viewer momentum when a series goes, stops, goes, stops, goes, ends and even at that the starts and stops are not consistent. In layman's terms, Stop the Swiss Cheese scheduling.

Along the lines of what was said about the WE channel, does NBC Universal's Oxygen channel carry WPS (Women's Professional Soccer) or any other women's professional sports? or is it programming on airing previously ran women's centric television shows and movies, along with some original movies and series?

You talk about original content, well Farscape was original content, SGA was original content, BSG was original content. You complained about negotiations with EM.TV for Farscape, well Jim Henson Company bought back control of the company from EM.TV but where was the negotiations with Jim Henson Company then on returning Farscape to the Sci Fi Channel schedule?

You had a solid show in Farscape and with your Swiss Cheesing or if those words are not strong enough, sabotage of the Farscape schedule in combination with your complete lack of wanting to continue the show, even though it produced fair to good ratings despite the scheduling, shows complete incompetance at best.

Another reason why the Swiss Cheese schedule of Battlestar Galactica hurt its viewership is since BSG was a serial show, if viewers missed any eps as a result of scheduling, they found it harder to understand current storyline events. hence instead of enjoying bsg, viewers were confused and / or disorientated as a result.

Has it not dawned on you that the reason the Sci Fi or Syfy channel has gone from double digit to single digit yearly viewership growth and why your shows based on jpreviously aired series are going so poorly is because a good number of your original core fans have already left and the channel continues to hemorage its once large core viewership. "They learn to make lemons out of lemonade. And they also learn not to look a gift horse in the mouth. Fans of science fiction aren’t always the desired demographic, but they are a loyal demographic who will endure a lot of abuse. They will be mocked by critics and pandered to by writers. But they do not suffer fools gladly. And they do not react well to betrayal."

Although it is rather interesting that the networks on NBC Universal have as of recent been cross advertising between USA, MSNBC and Syfy to promote favored shows and even showing Warehouse 13, Haven on USA but that didn't happen with SGA, BSG, etc.

Sci Fi based but different degrees pertaining to drama and comedy, BSG – Intense drama, B5 – Tense drama with a little comedy elements, Firefly – Drama with moderate comedic elements, SGA – Moderate drama with moderate comedic elements, Farscape – Drama with comedic elements.

Syfy is trying very hard to push a new show "Being Human" with back to back to back showing on the premiere night, then showing it again atleast once more the next day. And your promoting of "Face Off" heavily. Each hour I see the promo for it many times. Which makes one think, each hour there is only enough time available for ads, so with such heavy promoting of "Face Off" means normal advertising customers aren't buying ad time.

Oh, Being Human 1.6 HH premiere Jan-11

Caprica 0.7 HH premiere Jan-10

BSG 2.6 HH premiere Jan-05

Farscape 1.3 HH premiere Mar-99

Haven 1.8 HH premiere Jul-10

Warehouse 13 2.5 HH premiere Jul-09

Eureka HH premiere Jul-06

SGA 3.2 HH premiere Jul-04

Firefly-Fox 4.1 HH premiere Sep-02

SGU 1.5 HH premiere Oct-09

Sanctuary 2.2 HH premiere Oct-08

DVR Live+7 - well what about VCR's during the 90's and early 00"s? I taped about every episode of B5 from TNT with ads, to watch after I got back form the gym. From 94 to 98 but I never got counted for Nielsen numbers.`

My own thoughts on NBC-Universal networks Syfy Channel programming – other B5 storylines with J. Micheal Straczynski very much involved, Farscape based project again with O'Bannon involved, SGA, Firefly again with Joss Whedon involved.

6 month continuous series are for Babylon 5-like storylines, 3 to 4 month broken series are for Eureka-like individual episode based storylines.

6 month 25 episodes but shoot 24 and have the 25th be a behind the scenes / candid talk with actors, actresses, producers and directors for that season and that episode to be aired during a holiday for example season of April – September July 4 holiday and October – March December 25 Holiday, break down of a season for episodes Act -18 eps for 2 months Act – 2 8 Eps for 2 months Act – 3 8 Eps for 2 months

Nielsen Sweeps dates Nov – Oct 29 to Nov 25 Act 1 4 of 8 Eps

Feb – Feb 4 to Mar 3 Act 3 4 of 8 Eps both in the Oct – Mar season

May – Apr 29 to May 26 Act 1 4 of 8 Eps

Jul – Jul 1 to Jul 28 Act 2 4 of 8 Eps both in the Apr – Sep season

Quality gets results and Consistency gets results

Myth Monday – Ghost Hunters, Ghost Hunters International

Trek Tuesday – DS9, The Next Generation (with and without centric marathons), Voyager, Enterprise

Fantasy Friday – Merlin, Xena, Hercules

Suggested series to broadcast again outside of current programming schedule

Fantasy type – Xena, Hercules

Future tech – War of the Worlds, V, TekWar, Space: Above and Beyond, Earth: Final Conflict, Dark Skies, Babylon 5, Alien Nation, Sliders, Andromeda, Quantum Leap, Firefly, STNG, DS9

Suspense – Tales from the Crypt, The Ray Bradbury Theater, Alfred Hitchcock presents, Mystery Science Theater 3000, Amazing Stories, Friday the 13th: The Series, Dead Like Me

The Outer Limits 95 – 01 Theme Chronological Order Season 1 Eps 3 then Season 4 Eps 15 | Season 1 Eps 14 then Season 2 Eps 18 | Season 1 Eps 1, 2, 10, 15, 16, 17, 20, 21 and ending with 22 | Season 3 Eps 7 then Season 3 Eps 12 and Season 4 Eps 23 | Season 1, 2 and 3 Eps any not all ready used previously but random then Season 3 Eps 18

Instead of random Eps for STNG, do Character or Race Centric Marathons i.e. Picard, Borg, Riker, Q, Romulans, Data, Worf, etc. For the Q marathon season 1 Eps 1 and 2 "Encounter at Farpoint" | Season 1 Eps 10 "Hide and Q" | Season 2 Eps 16 "Q Who" | Season 3 Eps 13 "Déjà Q" | Season 4 Eps 20 "Qpid" | Season 6 Eps 6 "True Q" | Season 7 Eps 25 and 26 "All Good Things…(Part 1 and 2)"

It was written "Advertisers-Beloved 18 to 49 year old demographic", well quit making a lot of shows to "throw at the proverbal wall" to see what sticks. Go back to making strong, great shows again "Quality over Quantity". You are doubling the wrestling time even thou technically it is only one hour to two hours, that is still doubling the time. 30 million / yr is $576,923 for 52 Eps. Taking that you complained about the cost of Farscape, with the money put into wrestling you could have had a solid scripted show with a very solid fan base. You have more potential viewers now then you did with Farscape Mar 99 to Mar 03 (99 – 73 million to 03 – 92 million), BSG Jan 05 to Mar 09 (05 – 88 million to 09 – 95 million), SGA Jul 04 to Sep 08 (04 – 84 million to 08 – 93 million) and Fox’s Firefly Sep 02 to Dec 02 (02 – 80 million)


Where Does Syfy Get the Money for All Its Show Projects? By Robert Seidman July 31, 2010

At the TCA’s yesterday Syfy
unveiled its scripted projects in addition to some of what’s in the works on the unscripted side.

Syfy has seven scripted projects in the works (they will not necessarily all wind up as series), and it prompted one commenter to ask where Syfy got the money to have so many projects.

While it’s fun to imagine a world where an all-powerful Sharktopus will pay all of Syfy’s bills, I’m not sure that will even cover
Syfy’s vice president of giving away t-shirts on Twitter (and yes, I know Craig is actually on the online side). The answer to the question of how Syfy makes its money and funds a litany of projects is pretty simple. Like most basic cable networks, Syfy has a dual revenue stream made up of funds received from cable, satellite and telco TV operators, and advertising.

Subscriber fees
- This isn’t updated, but at the end of 2009, Syfy was estimated to be in over 96 million homes in the U.S. and SNL Kagan estimated that on average Syfy received $.21 per month, per subscriber from the cable, satellite and telco TV operators. That’s over $20 million a month or $240 million a year in revenue before they’ve sold a single ad.

Advertising revenue
- Of course, like the rest of the basic cable networks, Syfy also sells advertising and though we don’t have any good estimates on how much it makes on advertising, as a starting point it’s not unreasonable to guess Syfy generates as much money on advertising as subscriber revenue. I"m not sure if that’s on the right block, or even in the right zip code, but it’s probably at least in the same state. Those estimates get Syfy somewhere in the vicinity of half a billion dollars a year in annual revenue.

And though this blog generates a lot more chatter about all things Stargate,
Caprica, Eureka and Warehouse 13 (and of course, Sharktopus) than say…Ghost Hunters, if I’m an advertiser I almost certainly want to get my advertising out in front of the people who believe in ghosts!

Plus, whether anyone likes it or not,
Ghost Hunters is Syfy’s highest-rated show. So, in some ways, in addition to your subscriber fees, the advertising sold for the shows on Syfy that you don’t watch is helping subsidize new shows you might want to watch.


Lastly, a last word by another fan

by Muzzy 2/15/10

It seems Scifi or SyFy has a way to f-ing up every series they get their hands on…

SG-1 They just get a updated cast with great characters (Claudia Black and Ben Browder) and then cancel the series to what?...Make movies? How many of those have we seen?

First time they kick SG fans in the junk/SG-Atlantis started out a little slow, but developed into a great cast and great story line. Huge fan following, not to mention a leader for their time slot, but wait! Why be successful when we can kick the fans in the junk again? So they are going to make movies too…Haven’t seen any, but maybe I haven’t looked hard enoughDid they release them at 2am on a Saturday morning?

SGU – I can see they wanted to add more character "realism" by giving the characters more depth. However, being a veteran, I have never seen an more inept group of "special ops" military members? WTF? Does the producers look down that much on the capabilities and professionalism of our military? Didn’t seem to have those issues with SG-1 or Atlantis.

And yes, most of the characters suck…such a dim view of humanity in general…how sad.

Oh yeah, then there is the "returning sometime next decade" seasons. Way to kill a series faster than losing fan interest over long periods between seasons.

This applies to all the good series that SciFi has KILLED (Farscape, Eureka, BSG, etc). Whoever is running that channel needs to be fired!...poor business decisions. I don’t know how they got their job, but they suck. What other company kills a product that is in demand? Business 101. Not to mention kissing away all the advertising revenue. When you have a good fan base for a franchise, you don’t throw away to get a new fan base. Maybe they should talk to George Lucas about that…he seems to be fairly business savvy with the Star Wars franchise that has lasted over four decades.

This isn’t just my opinion.

I have plenty of friends that used to watch Sciflk, that have moved on. I will give SGU one last try when it eventually returns sometime in the far future. Maybe those running the show will pull their heads of the their a**. Otherwise, Ghost Hunters is the only series left worth watching on the new crappified "SyFy" channel.


From Myself

SGU’s 3 up and 3 down doesn’t act like a 3 up and 3 down, instead acts like a corporal gunning for sergeant.
David Robertson

#14 KlawZ



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Posted 20 December 2012 - 10:18 AM

Basically SciFi (or SyFy as they want to be known now) has become nothing more than another ratings whore channel. they have betrayed and ignore their core audience. They can try to put out as much PR saying they haven't done so, but the evidence says otherwise.

The reason wrestling and reality shows get high ratings isn't that Science Fiction fans like them, it is because those kind of shows pander to the lowest common denominator.

Bring back shows like Farscape and LEXX.

Stop trying to remake BBC's shows like Being Human, all you do is ruin them. The new Doctor Who is great, but the Doctor Who series was always BBC's. Lately it seems that BBC is far better and making science fiction and fantasy shows.

currently the only shows on "SyFy" i will watch are Eureka, Lost Girl, Sanctuary and Warehouse 13, but even they do not match the quality of shows that were done in the 90's.

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Posted 20 December 2012 - 12:57 PM

well funny you bring that up because the numbers i found by doing research points to the opposite of doing good. farscape did in 99 an average of 1.3 hh, now skiffy's wrastling does a couple of notches better in 2012 and is in no threat of being cancelled.
how can iffy claim to be unbaised againist sci fi shows vs everything else when in 99 farscape had far fewer eyeballs to try to attract and now wrastling has far more. this argument is the same as when movie critics and such try to state what is the best selling movie ever made, they always take into account inflation into the box office totals.
so when is that going to be taken into account when discussing how or not successfull, actual sci fi shows vs everything goes?
i have been trying to have this "discussion" first with the execs at siffy and even emailed them, three times and now trying to do it on various threads within this website.
on some of the threads i have posted on, my info was either deleted or censored. others, i do not feel like the people in the discussion firmly grasp what the topic really is. and maybe down the road either on some thread within this website or the people that have taken up my offer to get the email research work i did, will spark engaging discussion. i am hoping
David Robertson

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Posted 04 January 2013 - 12:50 AM

Yes, it's so sad the SYFY channel is now about wrestling and real life ghost and monster storys. Can you put 100 more of those on, Really So sad ..... They cancel Merlin .........One of the better show they had on ... Just put more wrestling, BS ghost and monster real life ***** on, so i can just never turn you on again.

Thanks SYFY for screwing up a good channel

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Posted 04 January 2013 - 10:59 AM

well for the moderators in this iffy website that feel that skiffy is doing fine my their account, there is another totally dissatisfied customer.
i hope you are keeping score.
i did read on tv by the numbers that they had cancelled merlin, a rather shame because they never did anything to promote the show outside of the fedw times it got ad time on skiffy. now they are cancelling one actual show that shares in the "name" and in some future time might be replaced with another but when one "reality" show goes down two or three replace it. the war of attrition that is being waged on "sci fi shows" is/has been going badly for sci fi watchers for several years now.
what the real kicker is, for all the "reality" and other such shows that siffy puts on and then cancel or discontinue, there overall costs are more then if they had just made a solid sci fi show and aired it and got the eyeballs. the idea of throwing the proverbal "***** againist the wall and see what sticks" is a pretty poor way of displaying a network that was founded on being the haven for science fiction fans and was.
David Robertson

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