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Ghost Hunters Not How They Use To Be - 'NOW BORING'

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#1 Lamune



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Posted 27 November 2012 - 03:03 PM

I use to be a big fan of the Ghost Hunter series. It was a great show to watch and their approach towards their investigation in the paranormal was good. However, the teams 'attitude' has been wavered and they no longer are what they use to be. Here are the problems and the reason why the show is declining and losing to other paranormal shows out there:

1) Number one and the most is Steve Gonsalves. Not only does he lack any inspiration he simply goes with the flow. There is no creativity and heck there isn't any introduction towards new techs or approach with this guy despite him being a tech manager. (former now) Even Amy (and then) Kris does new approaches with the grid and some other stuff. Steve reminds me of a Metallica story about Ron McGovney where he was fired because 'he just followed'. Despite doing at least 'something', he only follows without any ideas. Even the former tech manager Brian Harnois was way better then him. Britt does a better job as a tech manager; and seeing Tango as the current tech manager hurts, because even though he is a nice guy he simply follows Steve's ways and that doesn't help the show either; and putting him to Jason's status and him hosting the show? You for real Syfy and TAPS?

2) The approach is a major issue. While I understand Syfy is a big group, having many people in a investigation just simply puts any suspense or thrill down. Instead of having what? 5 people in on investigation why can't they simply let TAPS do their own job while they wait outside? IF Syfy needs to be in there, one guy plus 2 investigator is more than enough.

3) The founder of TAPS, the attitude has changed and they no longer have the passion they use to for ghost hunting. It's all about celebrity status, and it clearly shows for Jason Hawes. I use to respect the guy, but ever since he made a name for himself, his approach is sloppy, unenthusiastic, goes with the flow (like Steve) and nothing dramatic. Seeing him now and watching him from Season 1-5 is very, very different. The attitude is gone towards his passion then what's the point or continuing? He should just retired like Grant and focus on his so-called celebaity status.

4) A major problem (and I don't even know why Syfy approve of this) is letting Jason's daughter Hailey Hawes in the show. Daddy's little girl is clearly NOT interested in the paranormal and she is simply trying to get attention and fame. (You can clearly tell with her attitude in the show) Everytime I see her in the show it's an instant putt off. Her dressing conduct is also an issue; I mean you're ghost hunting here and not trying to show your cleavage to the spirits hoping to pump up some energy to attract spirits to manifest. She what? 16 and she's already on the way to become Ms Hilton! Jason should join up with Syfy to do a reality show focusing on Hailey becoming just like that instead of her showing up in Ghost Hunters!

5) Equipment's are old and yet there are no replacements for new ones. I see dead pixels in their thermal camera and the quality is so poor it's unbearable at times.

6) Lack of new equipment and introducing experimental equipment's in the show. I'm not expecting every episode we see or hear spirits trying to manifest or communicate with us. But if there are no improvements in the equipments and you keep using deteriorating equipment's nothing is going to change.

7) The approach, the APPROACH. For whatever reason, this has been like the same for 2-3 seasons. Nothing new just following with the flow. It's like a script and not natural at all. What happened to trying out new stuff and re-enactments of different scenarios etc.? We see that a lot in Ghost Hunters International.

I'm surprise how Ghost Hunters is able to have 8 Seasons with all that kind of issues. This is no longer a ghost hunting show but a TV series which is followed by a script. Ghost Hunters is simply bleak and is no longer the number 1 ghost hunting show anymore. Same goes for TAPS, they no longer deserve to be a true ghost hunting group anymore. There are other channels with other ghost hunting shows to watch which beats this one any day. My wish Syfy, bring us back Ghost Hunters International, Destination Truth, Haunted Collector, & Haunted Highway!

#2 Deepvoid


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Posted 27 November 2012 - 04:32 PM

Again with Hailey's cleavage.

I forget how Americans are so prude.

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Posted 28 November 2012 - 11:21 PM

Yes they can be prude.. can u please elaborate on what u think they should use for new equipment... But yes Jason's turned into a washed up star..I like Steve..they should just stick him back with tango and get Adam to investigate with Jason...and some of it seems scripted..especially some of their reactions to things

#4 TooDarkPark



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Posted 01 December 2012 - 04:59 AM

I was confused as to why another season is coming.

Everything has been done and every weeks it's more:

What the hell was that?
Did you hear that?
Did you see that?

Every time they see or hear something, the cameras or mics never pick it up. There is just no excitement in anything they do anymore.

The new people being introduced are a bit late to the party in a washed up show.

At least Ghost Adventures adds excitement and energy, and most audible evidence we hear as they capture it regardless of whether it's real or not.

#5 xuhoops



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Posted 01 December 2012 - 06:21 PM

I agree with TooDark. The biggest problem is the camera work - its ALWAYS pointed at the cast instead of what the cast is looking at. When they have a personal experience..something they see...its NEVER on film because the camera is pointed at THEM. Here's the question: is it because of incompetence...or by design?

I'm not saying they fake it, but it kind of makes you wonder...gone are the laser grids, flash-light tests, anything that might capture visual evidence. Hell they rarely use thermal anymore.

#6 luvtaps83



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Posted 03 December 2012 - 11:51 AM

I have to agree that Britt seems eager to introduce new equipment and tactics more than the tech manager. He always is deploying lots of equipment to try different ideas. Thats why Britt is one of my favorite invesigators.

#7 ohhhwolfy



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Posted 03 December 2012 - 06:39 PM

Oh please...not Ghost Hunters International or Ghost Adventures!

Barry - who leads GHI - comes across as an overbearing snob, a bully always keeping his crew in line. And many times I've watched him smirk like a used car salesman during the reveal with his client. Lord knows what they're thinking.... I WON'T watch it any longer. And that's too bad because I like most of the rest of the GHI crew. I wish Chris would come back, even if she does seem to have a crush on Barry.

And I'll say even less about Ghost Adventures because it seems to be geared toward pre-teens. They once stepped in the door of a building to be investigated, Zach heard a creak and said "Hear that? That was a ghost." Yeah, right.
'Nuff said.

#8 ohhhwolfy



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Posted 03 December 2012 - 06:56 PM

Although I miss Grant, I'm still happy with Ghost Hunters. I like Amy and Adam together and I think I can get used to Jason with Steve and Britt with Dave (and variations of those groups, which they seem to do a lot....)
Please give Steve a chance. I think he's much a "fish out of water" in his new role and I think he has to grow into it.
"Personnel" issues anyway, give these guys some time...we'll see how it goes.

#9 Deepvoid


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Posted 03 December 2012 - 07:17 PM

Although that argument has been used a lot in the past. but if you are tired of watching "the same old" *****, just stop.

I get it if you watch simply to come here and post constructive criticism but if it's burden and think the show is getting old and redundant, I believe you should move on to something else.

There's a bunch of other things I'm sure you can do with you life.

#10 Marlow



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Posted 21 December 2012 - 01:11 PM

Oh Man! ... I am such a Fan of GH, and i find it so difficult to read this entire Thread,
Because i cant find anything in it to debate.

Agree.. Jason seems to be bored.
Agree.. Using his Daughter while so many experienced one's are left out. ( nepatism)
Agree.. Steve hasnt brought in any usable new Tech. , and doesnt use what he already has.
Agree.. Seems to be Scripted more than ever. Editing is peeking thru the curtains.
Agree.. The level of Enthusiasm has waned, and it travels out to the Audience.

Agree.. Pick it up People.. the FANS are more sophisticated than the Production..
We want more, only if you Want to do Better.
Otherwise it's 'Encounters (Bio Channel)' for me, and their new Voice Recorder that announces it's getting an EVP. How cool is that tech??

Merry Christmans, Happy Holiday.. my fellow 'Ghosties' ..M.

#11 thesimple1



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Posted 25 December 2012 - 04:45 PM

I remember watching the show when the cast members consisted of only Steve..Grant.. Bryan... Donna.. Steve...

those were the good old days.

#12 cowbud1



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Posted 29 December 2012 - 11:26 PM

oh hell yeah, they "jumped the shark" a loooooong time ago! when they stopped doing homes and went for businesses, i did quit watching. I havent watched that show in years. just stopped in here to say hey to old friends.

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#13 lizbit


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Posted 25 January 2013 - 10:47 AM

oh hell yeah, they "jumped the shark" a loooooong time ago! when they stopped doing homes and went for businesses, i did quit watching. I havent watched that show in years. just stopped in here to say hey to old friends. ...cowbud

Hey old friend. The show is not what it used to be and it never will be. The good old days.

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