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Posted 31 January 2013 - 12:34 AM

I would like to try my hand at making some of this stuff myself.

can anyone tell me the proper things to be using when doing this, especially first starting out. I do draw and paint so I am familiar with those things but I would need to know like what kinds of clay to use or what is safe for putting on someone.

Just need to know everything I can that can help me get started into this. Every bit of information would be helpful.


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Posted 04 February 2013 - 11:52 AM

it really just depends on what you are planning on doing. I have been doing amateur makeup work since I was a kid, for things like halloween and plays. over the last 2 years, I have gotten more in-depth such as making my own prosthetics and props and moving towards starting up my own business. with that I feel like I can offer you some advice to get started.

1. as far as sculpting mediums go, this is something that comes down to personal choice. some folks will only work in water based clays, others only in polymer clays, and some in whatever is handy lol. each has its ups and downs, but for someone starting out with sculpting their own pieces I would recommend WED clay. Laguna Clay is my prefered brand (there are quite a few out there). its cheap, easy to work with and cleans up easy. most larger cities have a local clay or pottery place that sells it (or something similar) or can order it for you. I would also only worry about picking up a cheap tool set to get started. hobby lobby, michaels and similar craft stores sell cheap sets of basic tools for less then $20. there are only a few basic tools that you really need - 2 or 3 different size and shape loops for general shape forming, wooden paddles / picks for adding texture, a sponge for smoothing and stipling, and a kidney tool for scraping. your hands will always be your best tool. dont be afraid to get a little dirty lol.

2. as to casting materials, it really depends on what you are casting as to what to use. alginate, plaster bandages, ultra-cal (for casting busts and mold making), vaseline, krylon crystal clear, and mixing / cleaning supplies are all shop basics for lifecasting busts and making molds of your finished sculpts. if you're only looking to make masks, then you will need mask (or slip) latex, which can be brushed or poured in to molds and tinted / painted. if you're wanting to make prosthetic pieces, then you will be looking at foam latex (which has to be baked to cure), or silicone (sets at room temp. platinum cure is considered the most skin safe).

there are a lot of resources out there for getting started and learning how to make appliances. Mark Alfrey has a long list of videos on everything from sculpting to making pieces. movie fx is also a good series of videos. there are tons of books (including e-books) out there as well. you can also check out youtube for videos from home enthusiasts and pros alike. big thing is to take your time, practice and learn the basic skills and work ahead from there. it will get discouraging at times, and there will always be the fun of finding "volunteers" to try out your skills on (my family prefers "victims" at times for my endeavors lol). above all though, have fun and hope this helps point you in the right direction!

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