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Script Drafts Online for the Mini and 6 Episodes!

24 November 2012 - 09:38 AM


The SyFy forums are back, thank you SyFy!!!

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Boomer/Athena: excessively abused? Why?

25 May 2012 - 09:50 PM


Lack of women writers bad for BSG s3/s4 and Boomer's bad end?

25 May 2012 - 09:08 PM

theenforcer2 said on the Poll: Helo and Boomer thread:
"It was almost as if the writers went out of their way to make sure that Boomer and the Chief could never get back together to spite the fans and then pour salt on the wounds by having Boomer killed."

I wonder if women writers where more involved with s4 how Boomer's story would have ended. By the way, Moore had considered having Athena and Helo die so Baltar and CapSix could raise Hera. He also thought of just Helo dying so Grace Park didn't know if Helo survived until she got on location with the big final shot walking in the field. It could have ended tragically for both Boomer and Athena which would have completely killed re-watch-ability for me. Having Athena gun down Boomer is already too much and a bit sick in my opinion.

Female writers went from about 30% of the writing in s1 and s1 to about 15% in s3 and s4. And the only woman credited after s3e06 Torn was Jane Espenson. Why? Did Moore/Thompson/Weddle get fed up with the other women on the writing team or vice-a-versa? Here's the breakdown by season.

season 1: 4/13 = 31%
03 "Bastille Day" Toni Graphia
05 "You Can't Go Home Again" Carla Robinson
08 "Flesh and Bone" Toni Graphia
11 "Colonial Day" Carla Robinson

season 2: 6/20 = 30%
03 "Fragged" Dawn Prestwich & Nicole Yorkin
04 "Resistance" Toni Graphia
05 "The Farm" Carla Robinson
10 "Pegasus" Anne Cofell Saunders
11 "Resurrection Ship pt1" Story: Anne Cofell Saunders Teleplay: Michael Rymer
16 "Sacrifice" Anne Cofell Saunders
20 "Lay Down Your Burdens pt2" Anne Cofell Saunders & Mark Verheiden

season 3: 3/20 = 15%
06 "Torn" Anne Cofell Saunders
10 "The Passage" Jane Espenson
16 "Dirty Hands" Jane Espenson & Anne Cofell Saunders

season 4: 3/22 = 14%
06 "Escape Velocity" Jane Espenson
11 "The Hub" Jane Espenson
18 "Deadlock" Jane Espenson

The Plan: Jane Espenson

Roslin great leader or Dictator For Life with a Blackheart?

19 May 2012 - 08:36 AM